"Whoa, that was close!" - Spiffy after the jumpscare in Part 2.

Spiffy Pictures, or shortened to "Spiffy" is the leader of Normal Logos.

He is friends with Sesame Workshop, and was the main antagonist of the unfinished "Logos.EXE Adventure" by adrianchi1234, known as SlugterraYes RobTheRobotNo EDCP AUTTP POE on YouTube.

The Ultimate.EXE Adventure Edit

He is first seen on part 2 with Shadow Projects, Sesame Workshop, StrayberryFilling, Kennithball and Sesame Workshop, after Creepypasta Horror MrMinecraftMan404.EXE has jumpscared them.

Spiffy is also known to have an obsession for sandviches. This is first shown in Part 5, when he is chasing Super Charged Shadow Projects.EXE after he stole his sandvich (see caption on right).